Part of a Strategy to Give Back

Cherie RowlandFor Cherie Rowland the decision to make a planned gift to Tallahassee Community College was a highly personal one, based in part on her own experiences with the College. Not only is she a TCC alumnus, but Rowland spent almost 15 years on campus as the Coordinator for the Displaced Homemaker Program.  The program provided valuable services to returning women and single parents with grants that would actually pay for women to attend school, purchase supplies, and assist with child care costs. Unfortunately the program no longer exists; and according to Rowland, “There are very few state programs like this today and it means colleges have to rely on private contributions more than ever.”

Rowland decided she wanted to provide assistance for either returning women or women pursuing a career in social services.  During her tenure at TCC, she had seen how hard these women worked to juggle their time, family, and resources so that they could improve their life. She knew it was not easy for these students, and yet more times than not, they excelled in their classes.  Given all she had seen, Rowland’s decision to make a planned gift to TCC was an easy one. “I have always felt it is important to give back to the people and places that have enriched your life.” Rowland concluded.

A planned gift allows one to make a more significant contribution by starting early and it doesn’t prohibit them from being involved with annual giving activities. “Since I was still in my forties when I decided to do this, I was able to purchase a significant life insurance policy and pay a moderate amount each year for a fixed period of time.” Rowland continued. TCC is the beneficiary of that policy. 

“TCC serves many students and I am hopeful that my contribution will make a difference in some of their lives.” 

Cherie Rowland
TCC Class of 1979
Planned Gift Benefactor