Joe Pankowski“When a person, charitable organization or institution of higher learning has made a difference in your life, I think it’s important that you remember that fact in your will.” This is pretty straightforward advice from TCC alumnus Joe Pankowski, who practices law in the fields of estate planning, probate and trust administration. The act of creating a will and leaving a bequest are straightforward, yet studies show very few Americans follow the advice of those like Pankowski. So he is hoping to lead by example. 

Pankowski has made a bequest to the College because “TCC gave me a leg up in life and started me on the road to success. What was great about TCC was that everyone was focused on education. If you were a professor, you were there to teach. If you were a student, you were there to learn. I remember comparing notes with friends at other institutions, and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I was getting a better education than they were at one-third of the price.”  

Pankowski has specified that his bequest go to the David and Nancy Lawrence New Start Scholarship, which was established by his mother, Mary Pankowski, to support youth who have been in the juvenile justice system and have lost their eligibility for financial aid. “I believe that teenagers who make a mistake deserve a second chance. I am hopeful that the funds I leave will help other students achieve their dreams. And, as a graduate of TCC, I know that the recipients of the scholarship are going to receive a top-quality, student-success-oriented education.”