Eagle Legacy Society Helps TCC Secure Its Future

Pam and Lewis JohnsonAt Tallahassee Community College, a small but growing group of donors have made planned gifts to the College, making them members of the Eagle Legacy Society. Their reasons for giving vary, but for most donors a legacy gift is an opportunity to help ensure that TCC can fulfill its role and complete its mission for years to come.

When Eagle Legacy Society member Pam Johnson was asked to describe what she sees as TCC’s role, she responded, “I see TCC serving as a bridge for students from all walks of life and all ages who want to learn something, do something, be something . . . more.” When asked about the value of that role, Johnson added, “If we can create opportunities for students to make the right choice by investing in themselves, we can impact generations.” 

Impacting future generations is exactly what Johnson and her husband Lewis intended when they made a planned gift to TCC. She has had first-hand experience interacting with the students and faculty at TCC while serving as an instructor on campus. And while he may not have been at TCC, Lewis Johnson had an equally positive experience when he began his education at a Florida community college. Johnson said their decision to give was easy; she was inspired by “TCC colleagues who are making a difference in the lives of their students.” 

As a strategic planner, Johnson believes that, “not only do people perish from a lack of vision, but so do organizations.” By encouraging planned giving, “TCC is preparing for its future . . . today,” she said. To prospective members of the Eagle Legacy Society, she added, “I definitely encourage others to make planned gifts to TCC because it is your opportunity to impact generations to come.”